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The REPA For Education in Coffee project embodies our commitment to inspire and support the coffee community. It is an honor for us coffee lovers at REPA to showcase a series of events organized by industry leaders that, like us, believe that knowledge leads to an overall better cup of coffee.

REPA Group will be proud sponsor of Coffee Technician Guild Summit 2022, November 29th-30th, Florence.

The event will see coffee technicians, machinists, designers, engineers, and specialists travel from across the globe to Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Florence, Italy. This year's sessions will include hands-on workshops with automatic and fully-automatic coffee machines, scale accuracy and calibration, sustainability best-in-practice, and so much more.

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Le Groupe REPA est un groupe leader de distributeurs européens en pièces détachées, nous offrons la plus large gamme de pièces et d'accessoires nécessaires à l'extraction du café, à l'entretien et la réparation ainsi que des produits de nettoyage pour les machines à café.